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Stellar Pecan Smoked Maple BBQ

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Stellar’s Pecan Smoked Maple BBQ sauce is sweet, smokey and delicious. Made with organic maple syrup, real pecan smoke, and real maple extract, it achieves a perfect pork sweetness with very little sugar, by virtue of it’s wonderful smell.  This BBQ sauce is clean enough to hold up as a sop, and is just thick enough to use as a glaze.

Placed at the 2013 Gettin’ Sauced! People’s Choice BBQ Sauce competition.

Ingredients: Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Natural Pecan Smoke Flavoring, Vegetable Oil, Maple Extract (propylene glycol, natural flavor, water, caramel color), Natural Flavorings, Natural Coloring, Salt, Raisins, Orange Puree, Pepper, Anchovies, Xanthan Gum


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